Position Information

Type: Full Time/Certified


New Life Christian School is looking for a teacher to fill a 5th/6th-grade combination class position.  We are a PreK-8th grade school with about 80 students, and we have just completed our first year transitioning to Classical Christian Education.  We have a passionate desire to serve the body of Christ in the inland NW by training wise, thoughtful, and eloquent students. The ideal candidate would be someone who is passionate about CCE, is a gifted teacher and has previous experience in a CCE environment in order to help us in our transition.

New Life Christian School, a non-denominational Christian School, located in Ephrata, New Life Christian School has been providing education in a Christ-focused environment for more than 30 years. New Life Christian School is currently transitioning to a Classical Christian School. 


The teacher is to work with all students in a spirit of genuine Christian love and to demonstrate a vital living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Teach subjects and classes as assigned using curriculum, supplementary materials, field trips, special guests, etc., to enhance student learning.
  2. Attend and participate in morning devotions, teacher's meetings, evening programs if involving his/her students, and other meetings as assigned.
  3. Do supervisory duty in the gymnasium, playground or study hall before, during or after school as assigned.
  4. Complete paperwork including the following regular progress reports; report cards; grade records for permanent file; inventories of classroom equipment, supplies, and books; end of year debriefing evaluation; records of attendance; administration of achievement tests; and other paperwork as assigned or requested.
  5. Building and classroom cleaning and repair including responsibility for daily and end-of-year cleaning of classroom areas as prescribed; assist in overall cleanliness of the facility and promptly report repair needs to the administration.
  6. Plan parties at designated holidays.
  7. Maintain proper classroom discipline, taking care of minor problems personally and referring major problems to the administrator.
  8. Be available to any parents or students who wish to have a conference during non-teaching time.
  9. Hold a bi-annual conference with parents of each student.
  10. Supervise extracurricular activities, organizations, and outings as assigned.
  11. Carry out any other specific duties as assigned.


It is preferred the successful candidate has taught in a Classical Christian School or has experience in a Classical Christian Education environment.