To better serve families of the Columbia Basin with greater access to Classical Christian Education, New Life Christian School is opening some courses on a per-class basis. The arrangement allows students to benefit from individual courses in specific areas of interest.

Upon acceptance, the student is considered a New Life Christian School student and held to the same expectation of a full-time student, including standard of dress, assignments, attendance, behavior, and participation expectations.

Tuition and Fees

  • Registration Fee: $200 for students Kindergarten through 8th grade OR $300 for high school students due at the time of application (View Here) for the semester.
  • Placement/Testing and Transcript Review Fee: $50 (for all students new to New Life Christian School).
  • Tuition: Tuition and books for the course provided/supplied by New Life Christian School. 
  • Financial Aid: No financial aid or other incentives are provided for Ala Carte students.



Approximate Class Hours Per Week *

Tuition Per Semester

Great Works
Literature and History
7 - 12 4 (1.5 Credits for High School Students) $1,036
Old Testament Survey 9 - 12 4 $831
English & Writing 7 - 8 4 $690
American History 9 - 12 4 $831
Logic I 7 - 8 2 $324
Latin 7 - 8 2 $324
Science 7 - 8 4 $831
Biology 9 - 12 4 $831
Math 7 - 8 4 $724
Algebra 8 - 9 4 $724
Algebra 2 9 - 12 4 $724
Geometry 9 - 12 4 $724
PE K - 12 2 $324
Music K - 12 2 $324
Art K - 12 2 $324

* Hours may be adjusted based on the final schedule and tuition adjusted accordingly.


A new 9th-grade student will bring $350 with his or her completed application. After a family interview, a placement test/transcription review, and acceptance of the student, tuition is calculated.

A student who is in the Great Works class will pay $1,036 in tuition for that semester. The office will set up a payment schedule of 50% of the total due before class begins with the balance due at the end of the quarter (either first or third quarter, approximately half-way through the semester).

$350   Registration and Placement Fee 
$518   Due before the start of class
$518   Due after the quarter (first or third)
$1,386   Total Due for the Semester


  • There are no refunds of the testing and transcript review fee.
  • The registration fee will be refunded if New Life Christian School does not accept your student.
  • If an enrolled student is withdrawn anytime before the end of the first three weeks of class, a 50% tuition refund will be issued (any remaining tuition due must be paid at the time of withdrawal).
  • If the student is withdrawn after the end of week three, there are no refunds.
  • If at any time the student is asked to leave by the Head of School, there are no refunds.
  • If the student fails the class, there are no refunds.
  • The Board reserves the right to make the final decision on enrollment and fee issues.