Tuition and generous donation are the only sources of income for our school. New Life has elected not to receive any government funds ensuring outside influence does not compromise our mission to provide a Christ-centered worldview. The Board tries to provide the best educational environment while being good stewards of our resources. The most significant expense in our budget is paying our teachers and other staff, and your tuition dollars go directly to this expense. The Board of New Life Christian School desires to keep tuition accessible for all families who want a Classical Christian education for their children. Suppose the total tuition for your family exceeds this threshold of approximately 10% or you need additional assistance, a financial assistance/variable tuition program is available, and applications are submitted through FAST.

At New Life Christian School, we view each stage of education with the end goal in mind. From the time your students enroll at NLCS, they are being equipped to be graduates who are Imitators of Christ, People of Virtue, Lovers of Beauty, Discerning Thinkers, and Articulate Communicators. Once you have made the decision to partner with us in education, we value that partnership and want to make it easy for you and your students to remain a part of our community. Continuous enrollment allows you to initially enroll your students in NLCS, and they will stay enrolled until graduation. If at some point in the future you determine you would like to withdraw your students for the upcoming academic year, a notification period will be communicated each year. 


Monthly $205.55
Yearly $1,850
  • Enrollment Fee: A $200 per student enrollment fee is due upon application and is non-refundable if enrollment is offered.
  • Volunteer Service: 30 hours of volunteer service is required per family (PK-12th grade) or a fee of $50 per hour not completed will be assessed.
  • Tuition is due monthly from September through May.
  • No discounts or tuition assistance is available for the KinderPrep Program.
  • Upon enrollment, you are committing to paying tuition for the entire 2024-2025 school year.

Kindergarten - 12th Grade

 - 12th Grade
Monthly $604.16
Yearly $7,250
  • Muti-student discount (Kindergarten - 12th grade): $250 for second student, $500 for third student, $750 for fourth student. May not be combined with any other discount or incentive with the exception of the Win-Win Incentive or pre-pay discount. KinderPrep students do not count in the family's student count.
  • Volunteer Service: 30 hours of volunteer service is required per family (PK-12th grade) or a fee of $50 per hour not completed will be assessed.
  • Upon enrollment you are committing to paying tuition for the entire 2024-2025 school year.
  • Pastoral Discount: We offer a significantly discounted tuition rates for pastors and other church employees. Please contact the school for additional information.
  • For returning students, the following re-enrollment fees apply:
    • K-8th Grade Students: $150 per student prior to March 29, 2024; $225 after March 29, 2024.
    • 9th - 12th Grade Students: $225 per student prior to March 29, 2024; $300 after March 29, 2024.
  • For new students the following enrollment fees apply and are due upon application and are non-refundable if enrollment is offered:
    • K-8th Grade Students: $200 per student.
    • 9th - 12th Grade Students: $300 per student.

Payment Plans

We understand a Christian education can be a financial burden for your family, but the rewards for your sacrifice are great! It is our hope and desire that all families who are committed to an academically rigorous, Christ-centered education can join us at New Life Christian School. To achieve that goal, New Life Christian School provides variable tuition based on your family’s ability to pay. If your family can benefit from financial assistance, please complete a variable tuition application. Additionally, New Life Christian School provides an interest-free 12-month payment plan.

Payment PlanDescription
Plan 1

Single Payment Plan with a

  • 3% discount: June 30
  • 2% discount: July 31
  • 1% discount: August 23
Plan 2

Two payment plan with a 0.5% discount. Due August 5, and January 6.

Plan 3

Twelve payment plan. First payment due August 5, and 11 automatic monthly bank withdrawls from you checking or savings account. Automatic withdrawl is required; no exceptions.