The education of our children is vitally important. Scripture makes it plain that God has given this weighty responsibility to parents. In order to best serve you as you consider NLCS for your family, we want to be clear about what kind of education we offer. Classical Christian Education is not for every family and thinking through the following questions will give you a clearer picture if it is right for you.

Do you desire a deeply Christian education for your child?

Every form of education is religious, even those that profess not to be. Education does not just deal with facts to fill a student's head, but to give them a way of life. NLCS seeks to glorify Christ in all aspects of education in order to train wise, thoughtful, and eloquent human beings who will be used for the kingdom of God.

  • Do you desire to bring up your child in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:4)?
  • Do you desire your child to work through cultural, historical, political, and scientific problems through the lens of a Christian worldview?
  • Do you desire a school that will partner with you to shape your student’s heart and mind by the authority of Scripture?

Do you desire an education for your child that acknowledges the authority and responsibility given to parents by God?

NLCS is not a “drop off and pick up your child kind of school. We believe that the primary responsibility for the training of a child lies with the parent. We seek to partner with you to accomplish that goal. This means ask you to volunteer at our school as the Lord calls you. We also expect parents to be involved in their child's academics and take the lead with any disciplinary issues that arise during the school day. Our vision for education cannot be successful without the cooperation and partnership of parents.

Do you desire an education with a “broad-based” approach to learning?

We believe that there is much more to education than acquiring specialized skills to acquire a job.  We care about what kind of person he or she will be when they are in the work force.  For this reason, our curriculum is broad in order to expose students to many different ways of thinking.  This is manifested through reading lots of good books, instruction in logic and Latin, and a focus on rhetoric.  We desire our graduates to understand and discern what is true, beautiful, and good. 

Do you desire a rigorous education for your child?

Our academic expectations for students are high and will push students outside of their comfort zone. Class work and homework at NLCS will be challenging. Our desire is to foster in our students the value of hard work. More often than not, we can achieve far more than we think we can. This cannot be accomplished without the partnership of you the parent. Are you interested in partnering with a school that will challenge your student academically and behaviorally? Are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary in order to help your child rise to meet these expectations?

If you have walked through these questions and are excited by the vision of education at NLCS, then this might be the right school for your family!