Hannah Klempel

About Me:

I've lived in Quincy my whole life! I love our farming community and am passionate about math! I love to crochet, and my husband and I have two sweet kitties!


  • Big Bend Community College - Associates in Arts and Science

Why do I work at a Classical Christian School?

I think there is an increasing need for quality Christian education. Classical Christian schools give students the opportunity to find answers to difficult questions concerning theology at a critical age. Students are learning more about the Christian faith and what it means to follow Christ. Not only is Christ at the center of what is taught at classical Christian schools, but I also believe that students are given a richer education with opportunities for deeper learning and understanding in all subject areas.

What I enjoy about NLCS

I love the positive Christian community at this school. The teachers support one another, and we all care so much about our students! We truly want to give them a great education and prepare them for a successful, Christ-centered life after they graduate!

Church Affiliation

Quincy First Baptist Church

Email Address: